First... Thank you so much for your comments and requests! After pretty much  being blown away I decided that y'all have to be in the video for this song too. So we decided to do a lyric video featuring all of you who wanted to be in the video.  Here is what you need to do. We will take a pic or a video you send in, but we cannot use both so decide which you would like to send. Here are the specifics. And we are on a super tight timeline too... the premiere will be on Sept 14th at the CD release party so we need them asap. 

1. 1 pic or 1 video shot horizontally (sideways) 
2. Video must be less than 5 seconds, the time for a good wave or a great smile.
3. Can be selfie or non selfie, just horizontal please
4. No bad girl pics or videos, this is G rated, ok... PG 13 
5. Can be color or B&W
6. I just want to see you! Not your bathroom, your car, your shower. Just you in all your glory.(That means kind of close up) Really just want to highlight the beautiful that is ALL women. 
7. Must be in by midnight Sept. 6th (next Friday)
8. Please send to



If you are interested in attending the release show/party click here